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Apartment Energy LLC



Apartment Energy, LLC provides cost effective energy solutions and technology for property management companies as well as their apartment community residents, thus improving NOI.

Apartment Energy, LLC  is a marketing partner of Lykins Energy Solutions ("Lykins"). Lykins is a PUCO (Public Utilities Commission of Ohio) certified energy procurement firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio that provides electricity, heating oil and propane to homes, businesses and farms throughout the Midwest and Southeastern United States. Lykins supplies over 130 independent dealers with their fuel needs through Lykins own transportation division. Lykins has over 1 billion in annual sales. Apartment Energy's focus is to provide low cost energy to apartment community and multi-family residents. Lykins buying volume allows them to offer the best prices possible on residential electricity.

Apartment Energy, LLC is a marketer of IOTAS Smart Apartment technology platform. With it's Smart Apartment Platform, IOTAS enables property owners and developers to quickly and easily deliver a complete connected home experience for technology-savvy renters. Unlike many point solutions on the market today, the IOTAS platform supports a wide variety of smart, connected devices--smart switches, outlets, thermostats, presence control devices and sensors that are installed during new construction or retrofits, as well as add-on products like Nest, Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

IOTAS delivers benefits to both property owners and renters. Property managers can use the IOTAS platform to control vacant units and common areas through a centralized dashboard, as well as deliver premium smart home services that improve the bottom line. And, residents can manage their homes from anywhere in the world using the IOTAS Home app, which supports various aspects of day-to-day life, from lighting and temperature control to voice integration, door locks and more.

The IOTAS Smart Apartment Platform was recently recognized as a CES Innovation Awards Honoree for it's unique ability to roll out a scalable IoT (the Internet of Things) solution for today's highly competitive rental market.

IOTAS, which stands for IoT as a Service, is a Portland, OR based developer of a smart home platform for the rental market. We enable property developers to easily and quickly install smart outlets, switches, thermostats, door locks, sensors and more by streamlining the set-up and deployment process. With this premium offering, building owners and operators can attract new tenants and premium rents, while lowering utility and management costs. For more information, please contact Apartment Energy or visit www.iotashome.com.


Apartment Energy's phone number is 513-834-9800.