Energy Saving Tips

Change your furnace air filter: a dirty furnace filter means your HVAC system is working harder than it should, which means it’s using more energy.

Use a smart power strip: you will save money by turning off the power strip when devices that are plugged into them aren’t in use.

Use a draft snake: place a towel or “cloth snake” at the bottom of doors that lead outside; the US Department of Energy says 11% of heat loss is through doors and windows.

Use the right size burner: to save energy and money, only cook with a pot that is one inch in diameter larger than the burner.

The stove, the stove! Much of your energy is used by burners and ovens. If possible, do not preheat your oven and turn off burners a few minutes before you are finished cooking.

Be cool! Let your hot foods cool down on the counter before putting them in your refrigerator. Otherwise you could warm up your fridge and make it run, costing you money.

Unless your heat pump is malfunctioning, resist turning on your “emergency heat” setting, it will double your heating costs.

Keep heating vents and return air registers unblocked to allow more efficient use of your furnace and save you money.

About face! Set your ceiling fans to spin counter clockwise in the winter to push warm air back down to the room or lower levels of your home.

Program your thermostat so it is lower in the winter and higher in the summer while you are not home. Ten degrees for eight hours reduces your bill by 9%!

Use the cold water setting on your washing machine. With today’s advanced cleaning soaps and machines, your clothes get just as clean and you save money.

Turn your water heater down. The water heater is heating water 24/7 so maintaining a higher temperature is expensive.